Customized Bouquet


No, We do not keep your credit card details once your order is already completed; we sent it directly to our banks. The security of all data that you have given to us is very important. We always make sure to secure your credit card information.

Note: If you are using a credit card that is not under your name. Please make sure that you have the consent of the credit card holder.

1. You will know that your payment is successful once you receive an email that states that your order(s) is being processed.
2. Then we will give you a tracking number in order to track your order anytime.

You may also contact our Customer Service Officers to confirm your payment status.

If it happens that your Paypal Account has same Billing and Shipping Information, kindly disregard it. Just put the correct and complete Billing and Shipping Information on our website for us to process your order. You may also send us an e-mail at for clarification with regards to the Shipping Information.

These are the payment methods that you can use. Check the following:

Payment Method button

Payment Method button


For Paypal

1. Choose Paypal.

2. Click the I have read and agreed to the Terms and Condition checkbox.

3. Click Continue button. It will redirect to PayPal's website.

4. Log-in using your Paypal's account.

Paypal Payment Method

5. Choose which card account that you want to use for payment.

6. Click Confirm button.

7. You will receive an email regarding confirmation of your purchased item.

Note:  In our policy; no payment, no delivery of the purchased item. 


For Dragonpay

1. Choose Dragonpay.

2. Click the I have read and agreed to the Terms and Condition checkbox.

3. Click “Continue” button.

4. It will redirect to Dragonpay panel.

Dragon Paymenrt Method

5. Select your payment option.

6. Click I agree to the Terms and Condition checkbox.

7. Click Select.

8. Each payment options will provide you an instruction. Please be reminded that you must follow it carefully to purchase your order successfully.

Note: In our policy no payment, no delivery of the purchased item.